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Sunday, May 13, 2007 10:51 PM

And it felt so great to finally dance again after so long. I missed my two dear dance teachers. Ballet and hip hop rocks. Can't wait for Jazz this wednesday!

Chen wei mentioned about moving on to some more advanced stuff; Ying Zhen and I got scared because the two of us, plus a few of the other ladies (I'm probably the youngest there) only joined somewhere in March this year, and we've been quite fortunate to be able to catch on so quickly. Still, my passe needs a lot of work, and my point work too.

Ballet Homework: 100 points for each direction per foot a day if possible, plus extra stretching and passe practices

Omg. I'm going to die.

Hip hop was, as always, awesome. I love Dandy's choreography. It's so weird and the coordination is so strange that it makes it quite fun to do, once you get it right of course. And he chose to murder us again with a really hyper beat off a new rap/hiphop album. Nice. Apparently, there's a concert coming up in June/July.

Whoa. That'd be interesting.

Hip Hop Homework: Practise routines, work up stamina, and start learning to dance with a bit more attitude and energy

Aww. I missed the chance to buy tickets to the studio wu musical. Maybe they still have extras to spare me (FAT CHANCE. Deadline was 22nd April -_-).

I'll try anyway.

Onto mother tongue intensive for this coming weeks and of course the most dreaded period of all, well second most I guess, if you place O levels as first - The release of mid year results! Wahahahaha. So can't wait for that.