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Sunday, May 20, 2007 10:14 PM

My dance style is improving. Yay. =)

Today Chen Wei moved us on to some more advanced stuff, so the light basic warm-ups have been shortened; We're expected to be early for class and just stretch our own. We learned how to do basic turns and some passes routines, etc.

"Remember to eat walnuts! - Chen Wei.

Apparently, walnuts will help our brain to register what Chen Wei says faster so we can carry out class at a faster pace. Haha. One of the ladies told me that Chen wei actually eats it before his examinations.

Funny hip hop incident - Two new boys joined our class today: Andre and Timothy. So Dandy called our own Timothy "Tim 1" and the new Timothy "Tim 2". The best part was that they were both wearing the same-coloured shirt! So all us girls were teasing them. Dandy asked "Tim 2" to count for us, he did a '5-6-7-8' before he stopped because he forgot his steps.

"Tim 2 cannot remember his steps? Tim 1 count for us!" -Dandy.

LAUGH OUT LOUD; I love Dandy, he so rocks. But he did kill us today: The routine was filled with turn after turn after turn and even had some floor work thrown in towards the end.

9:45 AM

Ugh. I really should start taking more photos; Absolutely nothing to show and remember fun times.

Anyway, Cui and I attended the NJC Drama Fest 2007. So we met up with stacey and her mum and brother at Oishi Pizza. My gosh, the service there really 'strolls', it almost seems faster to order take-away via phone instead. But we got our pizzas - Teriyaki Chicken was quite nice; The unagi was ok, but it was a bit odd having brocolli and unagi on the same piece of dough -_-''

"Maybe they wanted a healthy balance - Half half!"-A quote similiar to what Stacey said. Ha!

After that we had to rush out of the place, and Mrs Goh dropped Cui and I off at the bottom of the slope leading up to NJC's main gate - We were late! We couldn't run though, neither did we want to anyway. Pamm should be so proud of us: We made it just before they closed the doors! The guy (I think it was their drama teacher, but I'm not sure) actually saw us and shouted, "Hurry up, girls, we're going to close the doors!"


Pammie played an aggressive business woman in the first drama act. Cui and I were tickled on how the character really suit him. Aggressive + Fierce + white collared shirt with black skirt and high heels and brief case and handphone = PAMELA CHUA QIN LING. Lol.

The other acts were quite funny; My favourite was the one that had to do with "Grandfather's coffin will not fit in the hole!". The three actors did it so well! Haha. I was so entertained.

After the performance, guess who I bumped into? Avril from my chinese tuition back in P6! Wow. She's Pammie's classmate, and well, pamm went up to talk to her, and she recognised me before I recognised her.

Another Oops.

"Why does it always seem like I recognise you before you recognise me?"-Avril.

She's got a point there. I think at their fun fair last year, she recognised me first too! Haha. She still looks great, hair's a bit different from our P6 time, and she did her drama role really well. Go avril!

Island Cremery ran out of ice cream by the time we got there; How tragic is that? Oh well, so we went to McDonald's instead where cui had a coke, and pam and I shared a McFlurry - Not the same like eating Island Cremery's homemade, but good enough.