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Tuesday, June 05, 2007 6:50 PM

I need to stop making myself so frustrated for no bloody reason. I end up throwing the anger at other people, causing myself to feel even worse.

I guess while I was reflecting about my prelim english oral exam, I just kept on thinking about the many things I could have and should have said, but I had not. I know that I lacked the practice and only managed to have to tries with my new english tutor. Yet, I felt like I may have let her down, and let myself down a bit by not doing the best I can.

Then it came down when I wanted some comfort food - only to find out that my younger brother gobbled up all the ice cream. Stoops.

Already feeling sian after having an exam, I wanted to take a break, skip studying for today; instead, I had to force myself to take out the english homework that Mrs Seet gave us, which is due tomorrow. Damn. I'm in no mood to finish it - Surprisingly, I managed to make it to the summary; not surprisingly, some of questions may not have been answered properly.

And unfortunately, when I called my mother for comfort, I only ended up making myself more irritated than I already was. Stupid stress.

8:21 AM

I had a wonderful time last Saturday when I met up with Catherine and Dao Hui for lunch - Reunion of the secondary 1 trio. Haha. It was really good to see Catherine again; she looked the same, except that her hair had been clipped and that she had braces. (Although she claims they were there since last year... didn't notice, OOPS!) It was great to hang out with Dao Hui again, since we've been seperated into different classes, we don't get many chances to chat with each other.

So we sat down at Cafe Cartel and started eating and talking, mostly about school stuff. Haha. After that, we wanted to just go somewhere to sit and chat, so we decided to go back to Catherine's hotel! It was in Orchard Road anyway, pretty convinient.

So we went back, and talked mostly, played some games on Catherine's DS. Overall, it was a good day- with loads of chatting.

Dance this week was a killer. Ballet was probably affected by the extremely horribly hot weather because all of us were really sweating like crazy, and we were very tired by the end of it. Ouch. I am the youngest there! I think. I'm staring to get to know some of the ladies in my class, which is cool, and they are nice people =)

Hip Hop. Whoa. I loved the routine, but for some reason it was hard to learn. Especially the first set of eight. Dandy almost died on the spot from frustration. Ha! Gotta practise.