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Thursday, June 07, 2007 8:10 AM

You know, I sometimes get a bit lazy to go for dance classes, and in the end when I kick my butt to go - I have a really great time.

Sheila was not able to teach yesterday so they asked a man named Phil - He kind of reminds me of that choreographer from Bring It On (Sparky something-or-the-other) Haha! But it was a fun class, and it really challenged us because he didn't give us much time to learn or even breathe, so we had to force ourselves to learn a bit faster

Guess who I saw at studio wu yesterday? My classmate Gillian! Haha. I'm so relieved now because this means that I have someone I know in the same jazz class as me.

Mummy rocks. Recently, she's started encouraging Chris and I to try out more dance classes during this holiday. We might even be going for a concert this sunday! Whee xD. Haha. I lurve my mum. Can wait for my brother to try out a little bit of hip hop; it's going to be fun.

Tuesday night was the night of the creative arts first rehearsal for the Youth Day Dance - We are good. We managed to learn about 3/4 of the dance and practised it many times. I love this dance: It's a slow dance to the song 'When God Ran'. Min Hui is very good at dancing, man; she's definitely a lot more graceful and skilled in technique - That's the problem when one has a hip hop attitude ^_^'' Haha.

Tessa, Min Hui, Janel and Me - We're going to glorify God through the art of dance.