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Sunday, June 10, 2007 6:58 PM

Geotrail yesterday was very hilarious. Tamlyn, Kristy, Jayne and Wai Jean - Considering what happened to us, we did well! =D

So the trail started off with a stupid word search - We were really pathetic at it. They would send off the first five groups to find all the words with each round; we were finally released after the fourth round. Some of the teams were really scary. The round would begin and they could find all six words within a few seconds!

So our first clue was a spiderweb playground structure and a McDonald's. Here's the problem: None of us were regular park-goers and even though we all recognised the two places, we were not sure where they were located. None of us thought of west coast park though, instead we thought it was at east coast, some of us thought it was at pasir ris.

So we took a NICE FREAKIN LONG train ride down from Clementi to Bedok. Wow. Then we walked all the way to the park - Only to discover that we were at the wrong end of the country! Omg. How sad is that? We were so desperate for a while.

In the end, we made it to west coast park and completed the task, but due to the fact that we had wasted so much time travelling, that we decided there wasn't enough time to even make it to the next stop (Bussorah Road, few blocks from Arab Street), so we headed back to Clementi and went to enjoy drinks from a sweetdrink store outside the McDonald's near the MRT station before we headed back to the university.

The final round was very educational - Some of the questions asked were really hard and some were quite easy. RGS won. Congrats girls. Haha. The other two finalists were RI and Hwa Chong (Kinda expected right? Haha)

I went home tired out and wanting to take a break. So dad and mum decided to take Chris and I to watch Ocean's Thirteen. I LOVED it. That movie so rocks. I was a bit sad upon discovering that Julia Roberts would not be in this third episode, but then after watching the movie and getting to know the plot - She was not needed in any way.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt was the hottest and most suave. Haha. Especially George Clooney - right at the top of his game. Matt Damon was cool too, his character is like the little boy who like second-in-line to the throne (George Clooney being King and Brad Pitt being First-in-line) and trying to act all grown up. Haha.

I think Al Pacino made quite a good criminal - He fits the image of a tycoon who has such an annoying-looking face you just want to smack him. Haha. Ellen Barkin was GOOD; she looks so stern and fierce, yet her characterisation was very solid.

The best part about it was obviously the revenge strategy - These men are really creative and clever, it's amazing.

I wouldn't mind watching it again if anyone invited me =D