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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 6:58 PM

New Layout! Haha.

Yesterday was such a LOOONG day. I had to start the day by completing the comprehension assignment Mrs Towey had given me to do as homework. I'm happy. With each session with Mrs Towey, I seem to improving bit by bit =D.

After that, Mrs Zhong came for chinese tuition. I guess reading chinese regularly actually helps because I read much better than the previous during the previous lesson. I did practise over the weekend during my "boredom" free time.

Straight after that, Dear Mummy, who was much too lazy to go to work yesterday, drove Chris and I to Mrs Tan's house for another tuition. (My gosh. I am a really nerd aren't I?)

Had about an hour's rest before Chris and I headed down to CBD for Chris' very first dance class - J/K pop @ Studio Wu. I LOVED it! I want to go back again; It was so much fun. Bryan totally rocks and his routine was really cool.

Allow me to gloat a bit here. Heh heh. At the end of the class, Bryan choose the best dancers in the class to 'perform' the routine together. I got picked! Whoa. Ok wasn't expecting that. Though I must admit, I did look quite good. Haha.

Somehow, I loosened up and really threw in the energy and attitude here at Studio Wu. Somehow, I can't seem to get that right at Attitude, but I'm going to keep on trying - Only cause Dandy rocks xD. Haha.

2nd Dance Rehearsal at Church. The dance is almost complete; The duet between Tess and I needs work though. We both cannot leap for nuts - So we had to change the choreography to something easier. Oops. But it's definitely looking nicee. Hopefully, we'll perform well on the day itself =)