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Saturday, June 16, 2007 1:08 PM


It's like an ubiquitous disease here in Singapore. Unfortunately, it appears that I have 'contracted' it. Damn.

Yesterday was tiring, but fun, not to mention an eye-opener: Bugis Street is really a great place to shop. Cheap prices, nice clothes, food stalls... and the best of all, one can bargain there. Bargaining makes shopping even more fun.

Although because we were tired after traipsing around Far East Plaza and Marina Square, unsuccessful in finding those flowy pants that we really need for our dance, we were really in a rush to just grab the pants and go. $20 at a small corner shop. Could've bargained it down a bit more, but I didn't have the energy nor the mood to try.

At least the pants look nice when we dance in them =)

Then came the fight with her. Yes, I love her to bits, and she is the great shaper and moulder of my character and personality today under the guidance of Jesus Christ - But sometimes, it is really annoying how she always seems to think that she is right.... and that she always IS right. Of course, I was the first one to apologize. But that horrid feeling last night was really awful.

Then this morning came. Perhaps I did not start my day off well, thanks to my sister screaming the same few words like a broken tape recorder, thus waking me up from my sleep - I feel so tired. I managed to do a bit of studying, got through chinese tuition, but when I sat down to try to do my English homework. Zilch. Could not concentrate at all, partly because my little sister's mouth would not keep shut, and that someone was using a really noisy machine. I was disgusted at the answers to my first three questions. I gave up. I decided to do the comprehension after lunch or on monday, when I can get myself in the correct mood to do the work.

Then now I feel sian. Studying is really starting to become a habit; I pick up a textbook or do practice papers when I'm bored. Ridiculous, is what most people may call me. My poor mother has to face a rare extreme - Her child studying too hard. Ha!

I feel sian. I want to dance. Two dance classes tomorrow, two on monday, one on wednesday, two next sunday - This is going to be fun.