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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Thursday, July 05, 2007 11:50 PM

I feel more emotionally stable. Thank you Christine, Alexis, Jacinth and Nicolle for your care and concern. Thank you Vanessa Quek for listening to me ramble on and giving me good emotional help advice.

I almost hated the school that has given me so much all these years. It still seems not fair; but I have to learn to accept it. To just suck it in and spit it out.

I need to learn to be a bit more happy. I've never been this emo before in my life.

ACS Barker fun fair last saturday was quite interesting, but it was very HOT out. Andrew, pammie, cui, sue and I started off the day pigging out on junk foods. Michael's class was running a sandwich stall called "MRT" (Subway, get it?)

We walked around, trying to find the games area, and came across something you DO NOT find at normal fun fairs - An air-conditioned hall filled with stalls set up by some of the most popular and best eating places in Singapore (Crystal Jade, Ben and Jerry's 0.0). WHOA.

After a nice long search, with bits of perspiring due to the really bad heat, we finally found the games area. The thing was we didn't really play much games. We came across this stall where you throw water bombs and try to hit the "targets" (a.k.a barker boys), and well, one of them wet us a bit accidentally - So pamela helped us get some revenge. Haha.

Andrew (being the GUY) and Pamela (brave pammie) tried the RODEO BULL. They sadly did not survive very long though, but quite well enough. Andrew could barely walk after he got off the bull. Ouch. Haha.