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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 11:58 PM

I'm just going to spit out what's been going on in my life.

I topped the standard for end-years in 2006; my report book is the full proof needed to show anyone.

But this year, the award of "First In Standard for Secondary Three 2006" was not given to me. The school had a criteria apparently, that to be awarded first in standard, you had to have the lowest L1R5 in the level - While my average score was the highest in the level, my L1R5 points added together was not the lowest in the level... the award went to my classmate (Congratulations ^.^)

At first, I took it really badly; I almost couldn't talk to anyone that day, and had to call my dad during lunch break, of which our chat mostly consisted of me crying and breaking down in school. Ouch. I was so angry, and was more than ready to hate the school that has done so much for me all these 3 years and 7 months of my education years. It seemed so unfair.

In time, I learnt to accept it. My dad sent me an email that said not to always live in the past, but look to the future and my mum always telling me, "what's done has been done,". I'm really blessed to have such great parents.

But from all these events, God shown me something much greater than a medal and certificate that credits academic excellence - and that is the true love and care of friendship. =D

I'm still a little peeved, but then again, it has made me more dogged than I could ever be.

Thank you Wai Jean, Jayne, Stephanie Teja, Debbie-Bug, Alexis, Jacinth, Vanessa Quek and Nicolle for your encouragement and concern.