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Sunday, July 22, 2007 11:51 PM

I just spent the whole day with the maternal side of my family because my grandparents have just moved into their new apartment in Garden Vista. Man, if helping someone else move is so tiring, I can't imagine the day when my family moves house. Ouch.

I love my grandparents' apartment - It has WALL MIRRORS, perfect for dancing. Envy envy.

Anyway, some photo updates, because I'm too lazy to blog.

Youth Day Performance - We all made one boo-boo each. Haha. But overall, it was quite a good performance; I was a little pissed off with my turning though, because half doing my turn, my arm went limp so it looked messy. Bleaghz.

Almighty God.... The Great I Am...

Lync Creative Arts Blue&White Dancers

Speech day was rather.... long. Haha, but I guess it was quite a good programme. Ms Eunice Olsen is a lot prettier in person than on TV and in pictures; and she's so TALL.
Warning: Lots of typical 'take picture with me' photographs. Eep >.<''

I love Mummy and Daddy!


Ms Lee KH rocks.

Jayne and Me: Two study-hards whose brains need PROTECTION xD

The very talented Foo Hui Ling and the ever blur yet awesome Rachel Koh, performer and emcee for the night respectively

Valerie loves Gushi and Nicolle <3