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-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, July 30, 2007 4:33 PM

Love Above All
What a really sweet and touching musical. It wasn't of the highest quality, but it was still really good. The singers had good voices, make-up and costumes were really suited for the setting, backdrops were VERY GOOD, and the song were quite catchy. The best part was the plot and story behind the musical.

Sushi Tei's GST and service charge is EVIL. I'm lucky that I set the maximum amount per person, including myself, to about 15; and since pamm only ate 12 dollars worth, I could shift some of that extra into the amount I overspent plus the darn extra charges.

Dickson has horrible concert etiquette -_-''. For the first few scenes of the concert, he talked non-stop and made a lot of comments - though some were true, and some were funny ("Issac Wong") Pam and Bryan scolded him, then he cut it down to only making comments during scene transitions and the interval. But it's still fun to get to watch a musical with him, Pammie and Bryan - loads of fun chit-chats. And Bryan kept on trying to irritate Dickson with fake spoilers of the last Harry Potter book. Ha!

After the musical, Mr and Mrs Goh (I simply love stacey's parents!) treated all of us to milo dinosaurs and egg prata! We discovered something very interesting and slightly disturbing at that cheesy prata store: Bandung Dinosaur, which is literally bandung topped with milo powder. Uhh... ^.^''

Something I snatched from Cui's xanga: A compilation of some photos from the ACS Barker carnival I went for with cui, pam, sue and andrew.

Pammie and me after our Sushi Tei dinner in Holland V. Dickson is REALLY funny - I called him at the time we were meeting and found out that I had just woken him up from his nap -_-''. You missed a dinner treat, dickson!

Pam, cui and me: This photo proves the importance of using flash when taking pictures.

Pam and cui: Yumm. Milo Dinosaur!

Pam, cui, me, stace and dickson: End the night with smiles.

Actually there's another photo that I have, but I look really gross in that photo, so... heh heh... xD