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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 10:11 PM

I should be doing that english assignment I missed on monday because I was sick and thus absent from school. However, (1) my stomach is really complaining from the lack of variety of food, (2) I'm really drained because I can't eat a lot of things now, and (3) No mood whatsoever to try to come up with a short story. Ugh.

I just felt like reflecting on something. Some time ago I used to think that I was really quite alone in this world, in terms of non-blood relations - Friends. I thought that I was drifting from my best friends and did not have any close ones currently. I felt a little insecure and alone.

Then today I walked into class at about 1.50pm, giving me about 15 min before the E Math test that afternoon. I just walked in silently, wasn't really planning on saying anything to my classmates. Then one by one, some of my classmates said hi to me and asked me how I am and if I was feeling better.

It may not seem like anything special, but it really made me smile.

Then I suddenly thought of last Saturday - hanging out some of my best friends, Pam, stace, cui and Dickson. It's really amazing how we have held onto this friendship for about 5 years and 7 months now. Not forgetting sue wei, nicolle, andrew and the other 6Cians, of course. Even though we don't get to see each other so often like back in 2002 and 2003, when we get together, we get along very well. Last saturday night was one of the best nights I had.

The ultimate best is still Sue Wei's pre-birthday celebration in 2006, with a complete WISHES reunion. Haha.

And I remember cui's birthday where poor sue couldn't join us, but we remembered her in our neoprints xD; and had a great time.

I love WISHES. I love 6C'03.

Apart from my primary school friends, I've come to realise that my secondary school friends are really awesome. Vanessa Quek and Sharon Lim have always been there for me throughout my (almost) 4 years in St. Margaret's - Vanessa Quek helps to bring out my funny side, and Sharon helps to keep me sane =P Haha. Then of course, there's my usual school gang: Wai Jean, Ru Ying, Hannah, Amanda Tan, Alexis, Christine and Jacinth - lots of fun hanging with them during school hours. And of course my other close friends and classmates - Just too many to name.

Then I realised that God has blessed me, and I wonder why I hadn't noticed it before? I think because I let that problem get to me, so it probably made the feeling worse. But now that I have it past me, all is well. I guess perhaps it was not God's plan for me to be part of that. Somehow, I'm fine with that.

Like my brother, I feeling really happy, despite the fact that my stomach's complaining for food.