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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Friday, August 10, 2007 6:31 PM

National Day Celebrations 2007.

Half my class pon. -_-'' Oh well. To me, it seemed a bit more enjoyable compared to last year - I was bored stiff during celebration last year - We had a 4e5 party session. We were dancing and singing and waving and laughing throughout the sing-a-long. The most random part was the run-around... Meiting led us right onto stage! Ha. All the house leaders were looking at us like we were nuts xD.

Sadly, due to last minute planning, my friends and I spent our half-day... STUDYING. wahahaha. I'm like spreading a horrid disease to people. Oh well, we did get some studying done. Thank goodness. But we also had quite a fun time just chatting and being rubbish in waffletown at Balmoral Plaza. I agree with cui though; we should've used the time to do something more entertaining like catch a movie. Shouldn't ask me to plan stuff like this, especially with a nerdy brain like mine =P. LOL.

Courtesy of Nikki:

Yuan Zhi is SUPER RANDOM. By the way, the paper reads "Goodbye Cruel World"

Cuitian's VERY ADORABLE pencil case. So cute, right??? =D

Don't we look pretty? Haha. Poor pammie had abandoned us by then >.<

Hey sue! If you're reading this, guess what? The WISHES diary has finally been purchased, and pammie has filled in our introduction page! A new plain diary for us to embellish ourselves. We'll take turns to pay for postage xD

About the WISHES diary, it's going to be the official written proof of our friendship, as well as the key to keeping our friendship tight. Inspired by the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants... but since we can't share pants, haha... ^.^