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Thursday, August 16, 2007 12:05 AM

70% chance of getting that higher grade.

That's what Mr Lee told me. Then I was not so sure of my decision anymore, and said that I need another day to reconsider and discuss with my parents. I called my Godma for advice - Her logic was a lot easier to digest.

It makes me smile that my classmates are encouraging me to really go for the gold, and that they all feel that I am capable of doing so. I thank the Lord for such wonderful friends.

After much musing, I realised that perhaps the thing that is making me think over it is that slip of paper Ms Lee will hand to me personally at the start of next year.

My O Level Certificate. Wouldn't it be quite sad to have that single (pathetic) B3 among all those A's? What about that top student position - would I have a lesser chance of snagging it?

Then I think again: Does it really matter? Perhaps it might be the trauma I faced back in July that makes me feel this way. Perhaps I do not need that A2. Perhaps I could still get that prize I'm aiming for if I put my hear to it.

The reality of the day is that: After O levels, that certificate becomes close to nothing. And it's the truth.