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Monday, August 20, 2007 11:02 PM

Oral went well for me today. I'm quite pleased =).

Also, for some reason, today I was on a high. I just felt so ebullient and jumpy. It was a good day, I suppose. Plus, the weather was fabulous - A little wet and very cool, hardly any heat at all, yet there was still sunshine and it was not dark at all.

Prior to the oral exam, I had a nice chat with some of my classmates - Gillian, Natasha, Zhen Li, Joyce and later on, Hannah. Most of these girls I usually don't talk to as much as compared to some of my other classmates; but today I enjoyed conversing with them. We talked about everything and anything to calm our nerves down, and it was fun and interesting.

I've also come to learn that you do not necessarily have to be surrounded by friends; As long as you are a good-natured and sociable spirit, people will like you in general and will let join in the conversations. Of course, if we're talking about private matters, then it's best to stick your head out of it.

From this I realised how much I have actually grown, from the shy introvert back in the first few years of primary school to the rather extrovert that I am now. God is really wonderful.

And another thing, God blessed me with a ride to English tuition - Aunt Jean was just on her way out so she gave me a lift =D