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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 10:00 PM

And it is officially over.

Well, at least the theory part. I still have practicals next week -_-''

So anyway, I decided to treat myself by heading into town to buy lunch and a manga. I was craving peanut pancakes and kuih tu-tu. I was planning to go by myself, but Ru Ying went with me in the end. I'm glad she did; it was really great to have her company... although I had to abandon her after that. Oops >.<>flat (I think she hurt her nose), and all these people screaming or shouting in shock and rushing to help her. Ru Ying and I were a little stunned by the scene and just quietly walked away.

Then we walked through the centre area of the basement level and looked at all the mooncakes and snacks on sale in lieu of the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival. We weren't hungry yet, so we traced our steps back to a bubble tea shop and bought some drinks. Gramaphone had just opened, opposite the bubble tea shop, so we strolled into the shop and started browsing through the media and discussing about movies and music.

After lunch at the Takashimaya Food Court, we walked over to Heeren since Ru Ying had not been there for quite a while already. Walked around all the levels looking for possible birthday presents for Ru Ying's brother, while oogling at some of the clothes and feeling stressed that we did not have the money to shop. Haha. I have a whole mental checklist of things to buy after O levels. Now, just need to start saving up! =D

Then we wandered to Cineleisure and walked around more. After that I had to abandon Ru Ying and head home. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading the new manga I bought, reading a book, reading manga online, listening to music and dancing. Heh heh.