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Sunday, September 16, 2007 10:30 PM

Well, supposedly, my prelims are over and I should taking it a little easy for now. I admit - I started studying again. Very little and very slowly though. Just 3/4 of a geography chapter and 1/2 of a social studies chapter.

Now I know Kor's going to bonk my head when he gets home xD.

I finally got the basic popping move right! Or at least I think I got it right. It's not perfect, but the basis of it is definitely there. Also, my waving has been improving from practice. Since I have quite some free time as prelims has just ended and I only have chemistry and physic practicals left, I've been using the time to learn new routines - I can dance a bit more than 1/3 of BoA's Sweet Impact.

Last night was the very first XMas Play Dance Rehearsal. Jo is really great. Her choreography was simple yet it looked very nice and matched the song perfectly. The fun (and hard) part was the rollover-partnering move. My arms still hurt from that. Sad to say that even though I'm stronger than Taz, I'm slightly shorter, so we're facing a lot of problems with that move, especially because I have to hold her up there for two counts >.<'' Ewan didn't turn up for dance class today. Bleaghz. Quoting Catherine, he pulled a "dandy" on us. (Only my dance friends will get this joke). Anyway, we spent half the time just talking about school, dance, gossip. Elaine and I plan to take up jazz at Attitude after our exams =D. Catherine rocks! She spent the other half of the lesson teaching me the steps which I missed last week.