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Friday, September 21, 2007 11:35 PM

Physics MCQ is officially safe. Thank goodness.

I think I almost cried in class; not that I was sad or depressed, just worried. When Mr Anthony and Ms Ng mentioned about our exam papers, I could feel my stomach doing flip-flops and my throat drying up. Ugh. I'm so scared.

I spent the afternoon studying and tutoring Cui physics; I actually sort of like to tutor people because I also get to learn and revise my work, as other tutors in this world would know. xP We managed to cover three chapters! Not bad.

So now I'm home and attempting to get more work done: I managed to do a few more physics questions and half of an AMath Paper 2. I'm trying to get myself to finish part (b) of one of the essay questions Mr Lee gave us for homework by tonight. Well, I did get started, but my brain obviously froze and refused to let my hand do any writing... so here I am, blogging. Hee.

Guess I'll have to push Geography to tomorrow.

Today as I sat at the back row in the chemistry lab, listening to my classmates discuss the "late-coming action plan" for Mr Anthony, I could not help but just smile. I did a slow survey of the classroom, seeing all my classmates laugh and joke around - It's just such a warm feeling. We may not be completely united. For all I know, some people may not like some others. But together as a class, we have quite good "class chemistry". Can you believe we're all going to be 16 this year? And then next year we graduate and separate to different institutions of learning. Some of us have seen each other grown up for the past few years already. It's already September: we made it this far together, 4e5. Let's rock O levels.

And as I told Nicolle earlier today, and Hui ling and Ru Ying a few weeks ago, I love growing up. There is just so much to see, do and experience in this world that the Lord has blessed us with. All the good experiences are for you to enjoy, all the bad experiences for you to learn from - It's the key to maturity. And it's fun =)