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Monday, October 08, 2007 9:17 AM

Graduation. It so does not feel like it.

Last friday was a day of receiving chocolates, snacks and little cards from teachers and friends. Sort of a 'goodbye'; but then again, we'll see each other this week and in a few weeks... when we come back for exam xD

Thanks to...
Nicolle for her lovely note and that 'dao' photo of us
Stacey for her funny message and well... interesting molecule. Haha.
Miss Lee for her encouraging message - I can read it! xD
Ms Ng for the really cute box and nice message inside.
Jayne, for being my polka-dot partner in the Raffles Arena last friday. (WAHAHAHA)

I accompanied Jayne to the RJC Open House after farewell assembly. It was intimidating. Just kidding, it was ok, but everyone there did look really smart or very into their CCA. We spent most of the time looking at the academic displays (and getting lost). I was shocked and amazed by their research papers for project work; they were so thick and had so much content.

So will Jayne and I consider RJC? Not sure. Though the thought of going there is a bit scary - We checked with our guide the approximate percentage of students who do not come from the Raffles School. You can probably guess the rest of it.

Now, its back to full-time, full-speed-ahead studying.