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Monday, October 22, 2007 11:10 AM

So I said that I would not be back till next weekend. So sue me. My exam doesn't start till 2.30pm and I'm not going to stress myself out by doing more practices when I know that I've done more than enough already.

I stopped by Sue's house yesterday to give her a little birthday present - Honey Castella Cake, all the way from Japan. Haha. I rang her doorbell a few times, only to be met with complete silence. So I sms-ed her this really funny sms:

"Is your a doorbell a doorbell?"

Because seriously for five minutes I thought that I had pressed some alarm system and the people inside just ignored it. Tried knocking but that did not work either. Seven seconds after I sent the sms, I could hear scrambling and stomping getting louder and louder. Then Sue opened the door.

Haha! Wasn't that funny, sue? x)

So we went up to her room and talked and talked and talked. About exam preparation. Studies. School. Prelim results. Melbourne. Future. Batam trip. The works. It was great to get to have a nice long 45-minute chat with her. We live so close, yet we hardly see each other. Smile. Haha.

So this morning I actually got up at 6.30am, only because I slept at about 9.45, so that's already clocking in nearly nine hours - More than enough sleep for me. I just had a nice sms chat with my twinnie, stace, before school starts for me. And of course the main topic of the conversation was: The Batam Trip.

I keep talking about it, but the idea is really very exciting. We were thinking on what we can do to celebrate our birthdays there. I also asked her about what the others said about the trip

"I'm good. Time's good. Price's good so everything's good" said Andrew

To quote Stacey, trust Andrew to be so spastic. Haha.