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Saturday, October 27, 2007 10:38 AM

Happy Birthday Mummy! I thank the Lord for blessing me by making me daddy's and your daughter. The best parents a girl could have. =D

And one week of exams is over. You will not believe how relieved some of us feel. Particularly the pure geog-elect history girls, cause of our geography paper 1 is a MCQ xD.

But honestly, this week was extremely heavy. I was beginning to feel a lassitude descending on me, so I took the afternoon off yesterday. Tried to play a bit of piano, but clearly due to lack of practice, my hand-eye coordination is slightly off. Haha. So I just surfed the internet and freestyled at home to relieve myself. Yay.

Dinner at Morton's last night was fantastic. The staff there, whom obviously seem to know Dad very well and treats him like a VIP, are super funny. I wouldn't mind working there one day xD. A lot of people were celebrating birthdays last night apparently... there were a number of "Happy Birthday from Morton's" songs sung intermittently.

Crab Cakes. Potato Skins. Chocolate Cake. Iceburg Lettuce. Sauteed Mushrooms. Too bad I didn't take any pictures, but trust me it was scrumptious.

And I actually survived the night wearing heels! Ha!