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Wednesday, October 31, 2007 9:52 PM

Today I tried melon flavoured soya bean milk.

Not exactly the best drink in the world. It was like they added melon concentrate - It was really sweet. Plain soya milk is still the best. The melon kind of overpowered it. Bleaghz. But anyway I needed an energy boost and this thing was loaded with sugar (Blame the melon xD)

Something random. Trans-Island Buses have this bar attached to the ceiling that has a digital screen to display the next stop. The one I saw on the 961 to Aunt Florence's house actually displayed "TRAFFIC JAM EXPECTED". I was like "0.0... Never seen that before..." Ha. I was so tempted to take a picture, but was afraid that people may stare at me.

And this is a view of my study table, which is actually the extended portion of the dining table. It looks worse on some days. I tidied it up and stacked the books to make it look neater for this picture xD.

Isn't this a nice family picture? We miss you Kor! If your eyesight is that powerful, you may be able to see the wonderful highlight of the evening in one corner of the photograph - Mum's chocolate larva birthday cake. Gorgeous sinful melted dark chocolate oozing out from the centre of a chocolate sponge cake. Delicious. Heh.

Just a random post. Haha. 5 more exams to go. Two more weeks. Then it'll all be OVER