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but those who hope in the LORD
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They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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Friday, November 09, 2007 10:46 PM

Happy Birthday to Stacey! Thank you for being such an awesome twinnie and one of my bestest friends ever. We've known each other for 7 years now! Haha. Always stay jumpy, funky and wacky. WISHES loves you. <3.

One day left to go. It sucks how some of us really want to slack and feel like we're slacking, but we can't totally slack because we still have a few more papers >.<

Congratulate me, I actually managed to finish reading one book in one day. It was quite a short novel though, "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. Lovely story, very touching; makes one think of how wonderful it is to live, how much the Lord has blessed us with Life itself. Anyway, I'm onto my next book, Stardust by Neil Gaiman; I got a little freaked out by some of the writing though. Don't ask.

Mm. This morning I woke up early to follow my mum to the office. (In the end, we only left about 7.45am, and I woke up at 6.10! No matter, I would have gotten out of bed anyway. It just means more time to eat breakfast and stuff) Did some chemistry papers there, and attempted to surf the internet. The network there is so sad and stringent - To prevent the poor secretaries and other staff from going to things like facebook, friendster and forums, they blocked a lot of websites. The stupid computer hung twice when I tried to access some asian entertainment blogs. Stoops! >.<

After a stop-over at the hairdresser, I treated myself to some Mr. Bean bites for lunch. I've been wanting to eat the pancakes and biscuits for a long time now but just never got the chance. I was super ecstatic, and bought one pineapple biscuit, one green tea biscuit, and one peanut pancake.

I think I'll go back another day for more pineapple biscuits and try other pancake fillings ^.^

Around 3pm, I decided to brave the blazing and merciless sun. Obviously, mother nature was spot on with the angle of the axis of the Earth - It was SO DARN HOT! I think she tried to be a little kind and blow quite a strong wind, or at least strong for a hot day like today. Anyway, the whole purpose of my foolhardy behavior was to stop by Stacey's house. I honestly wonder how

A little cute white teddy bear with a blue sweater. It's so cute! I wish I could've bought something a little more unique and different, but exams and studying cut my shopping time real short. Oh well. She liked it. So we chatted for almost an hour, about school, holidays, exams, old friends, my coffee trauma, etc. It was nice to see my twinnie again after a long period of studying. Haha. Mrs Goh then gave me a ride home because stacey needed to do something in town. Yeah.

Cui Tian, Sue Wei, Nicolle, Pamela, Stacey - We seriously need to go out next week. Pray hard for our trip! We must get that villa! Oh, and dance class! We should go together. And other activities! Everybody pick one and we can do them together and record in our diary. =D Ok, I'm ebullient and jumping now.

My current obsession: Anyband. Love this advertisement/music video, though it seems to be promoting the stars more than the phones. Ha! BoA and Junsu's voices are really powerful and their harmonization was excellent. I like the message, though it seems a bit cliche - Save the World Through Music.