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Monday, November 12, 2007 11:55 PM

And it's finally over. The O levels. Over. For me and those pure physics and chem students anyway. Haha.

It's hard to believe that I've come this far already. 2007 has gone by fast. Every year goes by fast. I wonder what people think from time to time. What they think when they laugh, cry or just ponder. I thought I would scream when I walked through those doors after the physics paper. Well, I didn't, but I felt like it. =X

Tomorrow I have a class amazing race cum dinner. That should be fun. Heh heh. Run around Singapore than end up at Marina for steamboat xP

10:47 AM

Happy Birthday to my little sister Vannie! Haha. Keep on smiling but puh-lease, work harder a bit! You got your new handphone and will get a belated present from me asap. Haha. Primary 5's coming. Jia you!

On saturday, I decided to try a "rocker" look and wore torn jeans and a loose collared white shirt with a loose black tie. The same night, we were going for dinner at the Chinese Restaurant at SICC Bukit Side - Apparently, torn jeans are against the dress code. Major oops >.< So the lady told me to sit inside so that I could hide my jeans from the rest of the restaurant. LOL. My younger brother was like, "Doesn't your collared shirt and tie actually make up for it? ^.^"

I love my mummy and daddy. They brought us out to a buffet lunch at Carousel for Vannie's birthday. The seafood and desserts there are gorgeous =D. Haha. After that, we actually did a bit of shopping: I finally managed to get two pairs of denim shorts, and two new tops from Esprit to go with them.

Last day of exam. FINALLY. I can't wait till 4.30pm, when it will all be over. For a number of us at least. xD