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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 10:42 PM

Yesterday was super fun. I spent the day with Zhen Li, Gillian and Maithilli - Not girls I usually hang out with, but they're very nice and easygoing, so the travelling was still awesome.

The Lord truly blessed us with good weather. It was so good, it was blazing hot. No clouds. The Lord literally put the sun in the sky and left it there. It rained on monday, it rained this morning, but it did not rain at all on tuesday.

So we literally ran around from serene centre to Orchard Road to Esplanade to Bugis to Clarke Quay to Dhoby Ghaut. We were completely wiped out by the end of it.

At serene centre, we had to look for "Gaby's photo". We seriously thought Yi wei meant our classmate Gabrielle, cause we call her Gaby. The photo, apparently, was that of a guy whose name, or nickname whatever, was Gaby. Dots -_-

At Orchard Road, we had to find a "Rabbit" shop in Lucky Plaza. We did the smart thing, and asked the security guard. It was actually a seafood eating house called "Rabbit Seafood". Why do they call the restaurant Rabbit when they sell seafood? At Kinokuniya, we had to search for a very familiar literature book, "Sold For Silver" by Janet Lim. Again, do the smart thing and ask the counter. We found the very last book on shelves. Then we did something that was not very nice xD

And then, we did some shopping. Literally. We were oogling over these new diaries issued out, because Zhen Li wanted to buy one. The one she bought with the random quotes and sheep was very cute. We saw this disney one that was VERY adorable. Go see!

Our next stop, after a short MRT ride, was to the Esplanade. We walked quite a distance in the scorching sun to get to the merlion around Fullerton, where we each took a photo of us spitting water out like the merlion. Ok, we actually positioned ourselves in front of the minature merlion such that it looked as if we were the ones spitting the stream of water out of our mouths

Then we walked all the way to Raffles Place MRT. Big Mistake. We should've just walked back to the other side of Esplanade and take a direct bus. Oh well. We got a chance to camwhore along the way =D

Thankfully, there was an underground walkway to the MRT - We were in serious need of the aircon, the toilet and the 7-Eleven.

At Bugis, we had to search match specific names and roles of people to the movies. Took a while. We had a futile search at the top level, and finally managed to find the names when we went to the ticketing office at the ground level. Oops.

By the time we got to Clarke Quay, our feet were killing us and we were sweating like crazy. After snapping a few pictures of the 1889 Read Bridge and attempting to form "4e5" with our bodies, man that was difficult, especially the "5", we slowly made our way to Dhoby Ghaut.

The travellator is SLOW. We timed about 1min 8s. Bleaghz. Oh and guess what? We were the last group xD. Ha!

After meeting up and collapsing at Plaza Singapura, the whole group trooped off to Marina Bay. The bus stop there looked like it was made from recycled army barracks 0.0. We waited a long while for the stupid bus like nearly half an hour before we had to endure a short, crowded bus ride to the Chin Huat Seafood & Steamboat Place Thank goodness it was short

Dinner was yummy. And we were drowning ourselves in chicken... only cause Hui Ling and Amelia took too much -_-''. We had a few funny moments last night. Such as the crab-leg eating competitions between Hui Ling and Amelia; Rachel Koh's incessant offering of chicken "Chicken! Anyone wants chicken?"; The Jumping Prawn out of the steamboat pot and the 20 girls screaming in response. Haha. It was all fun.

I love 4e5 =)