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Monday, November 19, 2007 5:54 PM

Happy Birthday To Me =)

So what have I been up to lately?

Thursday was simply a 'me' day, I went out and about Orchard, browsing the stores, breathing the fresh air (esp after being cooped up in the house mugging for months now), take a few photos here and there.

Friday was a 'mummy and me' day! Haha. I went out shopping with my dear mummy in search of a dress for the Children's Society Annual Charity Gala Dinner cum Auction. Far East Plaza is seriously the place to shop because it has the latest teenage styles at affordable prices. I finally bought a red dress. Omg pammie, RED. It's an original design, with this two thin sheets of scarves sewn along the underbust and allowed to drape. You can play around with the scarves quite a bit. For example...

You can tie up all the ends of the scarf. I think the style is called "Chiffon" or smth.

Tie the front end and just let the rest drape.

Criss-cross on your chest or halter it.

Throw it back like a loose shawl.

Wear it like a petti-coat

Or if you can't choose, just let the scarves hang.

And there's still more you can do with it. Definitely a dress that is worth it, and for an orginal, it had quite a nice price. Heh heh.

And check out my red make-up and fancy hair! I love the hairdressers at Corner Hair Salon, they are so cool xD. Sometimes I see the ladies doing their own hair, when there are very few customers around in the evenings, it's quite amusing - They really know their stuff



The charity gala dinner was a little disappointing, but Mum and Dad's friends were really fun. I was Uncle Kim's "date" for the night since Aunt Angie had to back out at the last minute. Lol. The guest list included Uncle Richard and Aunt Deborah, Uncle Ronnie Quek and Annabelle, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Julia. All the men are very funny. From this dinner, I have officially been giving a lot of job offers and university options xD. Uncle Richard said that if I want to go to UK and study, he and aunt deborah can be my guardians, all right!

Aunt Julia and Aunt Deborah are mad gorgeous. Seriously. Annabelle was so nice and sweet! I chatted with her quite a bit for the night. Uncle Ronnie is just full of humour xD, he joked that the worst person to work for is my dad. Haha!

Oh and uncle Richard is a rubbish driver. He drives like when one first starts out playing Need For Speed, but it was still fun. Haha. There was one point when we were leaving the dinner, he asked which way to go as we approached the traffic light. Mum said left, dad said right, and uncle richard went straight! Dots. We got lost for a while. Haha. And the ride back was wild, especially the turns. Ouch.

On Saturday, after a stressful morning -_-'', I headed to town again. I wanted to check out this hip hop event that was supposed to happen at Far East Plaza, just that I didn't know the time. In the end, it was in the evening, and I couldn't make it. Doesn't matter. So then I plucked up some courage to head down to O School at NTUC Trade Union House.

And after one class, I fell in love with the school already. Hip Hop I was excellent, and I fear to think what Hip Hop II would be like, cause this class was serious hard core hip hop. The teacher had an afro! So cool. The routine was awesome, great choreography. The speed? Fast, and excellent, the way I like it xD. Haha. I'm definitely going back there.

Last night we went for a BBQ dinner at Godpa Anthony and Godma Anita's place, and to celebrate my pre-birthday and Uncle Yong's post-birthday. Lol! Happy Belated Birthday, Uncle Yong!

That's not my natural smile. Vannie made me laugh. Ha.

Oh gosh, can't see much now, can we? Look at my little Godbrother; he looks so cute! His PJs were funky.

And here's me struggling to cut my ice cream cake. Hey! It's not easy! It's like soft ice cream but slightly hard cake at the bottom. I was literally destroying the cake. Jade was laughing at me after a while >.<

Godma Anita and Me. Ok, I have one with Godpa, Godma and Me, but I look super unglam there. =P