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Friday, November 23, 2007 12:28 PM

Disney Movie Marathon.

Now that was fun :D. I met up with Christine, Ru Ying and Wai Jean at Serene Centre... turns out I was the last person to arrive. Oops. When we were buying our lunch at Adam Road Food Centre, I was again the last person to buy my food. Double Oops.

Wasn't my fault! How was I supposed to know the carrot cake stall would not be ready to serve at that time?

So we did a nice long movie reel of three disney classics: Aladdin, Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast. From these three movies, we have come to a conclusion: In most stories, the daughter always has a short and slightly tubby elderly father who can be overenthusiastic at times. I'm serious! The only good one I can think of is probably King Triton, the merman's got muscles.

And the villains are seriously irritating and arrogant. Jafar, Clayton and Gaston. Bleaghz. I think the best villain is probably Hades from Hercules, just cause he's damn funny.

After the movies, we played Mario Party 4. Christine (as D.K) won. Ha. Not bad. Wai Jean was really sad because she was really unlucky for the first half of the game, but towards the last half she started to get her luck back. She actually won the lucky draw for the lottery tickets! I've never seen that happen before >.<. We were all laughing and teasing each other like crazy. It was loads of fun. Darn Christine was really lucky though, she bought a star, then straight after that, she found a hidden block that contained a star. Stoops.

Oh well, we still had fun. We were staring at the TV all the way from 12pm to 6.45pm. Ouch, thankfully I'm going out today for the whole day so I won't have that much time to spoil my eyes further >.<