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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 11:42 PM

I received my confirmation of enrolment letter from Trinity College today.

I can't believe I'm going away next year. About two months ago, I was adamant on staying in Singapore and going to JC and getting through A levels like most of the students in Singapore. I was so sure I would get into SAJC, like my dad, and have a great time there. Study hard. Play hard. Make new friends. Try a new CCA.

I wonder what it would be like, because I probably won't get to try next year.

I can remember the surprised tone in Andrew's voice after Mrs Goh mentioned about me going away. I hate admitting it to the people I care about, my best friends; It's just not easy.

When Mrs Goh asked me about what I'll do after Trinity, Dickson asked why don't I just come back to Singapore after that, do university here.

I never thought of that.

Sometimes, cui or stace would ask me "why do you have to go?".

Somehow, I'm happy that they asked, for I know that I'll be missed. I know that my best friends do truly care for me. Haha. That's my ego side talking.

I'm glad that through this trip, I've gotten closer to the guys who went along, especially Neil, Yuan Zhi and Christopher Foo. Back in 2002, I never thought I would actually be able to hang out with them, let alone chat with them. I guess things like this come with growing up and maturity.

Oh dear. Emo post. I need to go stone, and do some thinking.

11:20 AM


I Love You All. You Guys rock! Thanks for all the fun we had in Batam. =D

And when I have snatched photos from Pammie, I shall blog more abt it.