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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Saturday, December 01, 2007 11:41 AM

Again, I thank the Lord for Stacey, Sue Wei, Cui Tian, Pamela, Nicolle, Dickson, Andrew, Neil, Yuan Zhi, Christopher as well as Kevin, Arnold, Wei Hong and Darren for making my life all that way and letting me know that I am loved and cared for as a friend =D Man, I'm going to miss everyone. Kevin, go Australia! Sue and I could use another friend x)

Last night, the 14 of us met up at CHIJMES to go eat at Carnivore - Can you say 'Bloody Expensive'? cause it really was. We just HAD to come on a friday night when it was more expensive =X. Oh well, the food was still quite good nevertheless. And of course, funny Kevin was taunting Andrew saying how it was not worth it; so mean. Haha. And on one side of the table, Cui was getting bullied by most of the boys.

And we saw a ghost! Or really, I captured something ghostly. Camera tricks are cool, but this was just strange and freaky. Once I grab photos from people, I will show xD

After that, the whole lot of trooped back to Andrew's house and got stuck in lovely friday night traffic, probably one of the most annoying things on this earth that occur weekly.

At Andrew's house, we stoned. Ha! What to do, our visit was a last minute decision. We were just talking rubbish and doing weird stuff. Stacey almost murdered Chris and Darren - She cracked their backs. Hard. Ouch >.<

We really cannot get enough of each other. We're hoping to have a proper class reunion next week and a number of them want to come over to my house for new years. I can't wait!

Everyone almost made me emo last night >.<, talking about me going away. Sue and Kevin abandoned me and went home first, so no one to emo with me. Haha. It's interesting how some people express their feelings, you can just sense something in people's actions. Aww.