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Saturday, December 08, 2007 11:47 AM

Yesterday afternoon, with a growling stomach due to the fact that I skipped breakfast, I went to meet Sharon at our usual spot for lunch. It's so nice to see her back! I hope things go well for her and that she will ultimately make the right decision based on God's guidance.

We sat in Sakae Sushi, munching on Japanese yummies, while chatting away here and there. Sharon has an affection for the whites now because of the fact she misses Canada. They are lovely people; I like the fact Singapore is cosmopolitan. x)

Then we headed down to my church, St Andrew's Cathedral, where I gave her a private guided tour of the place. Haha. Taz and some of the LYNC girls were there preparing for worship, so we stopped by and said hi.

Then we ended up going to Raffles City to buy potato smilies for my party that night. x) Potato smilies are cute! Ha. Then onto CHIJMES for some photo opps before the rain caught up with us and we rushed to the bus stop to head back to my house

Sharon and Kor followed me to the party at Andrew's house. Sharon rocks, she could tell I was a little pissed because of the weather, and tried to comfort me a bit. Ah well, the party still turned out great. Andrew's house is seriously a crash site.

Prior to the party, Sharon met some of the guys and chatted with some of the girls. It was quite interesting when her mum came to fetch her though - She had told her mum that she had followed me to a female friend's house for that female friend's all girls birthday party. HA! So I had to tell the guys to keep their heads away from the windows when the car arrived.

"No, Andrew, stay upstairs! We can't let them see boys in the house!" I shouted to Andrew when sharon's parents had arrived.

"I'm the brother then!" replied Andrew.

LMAO. That's true.

So the party. There was the usual group: Dickson, Cui, Sue, Liak, Neil, Andrew, Stace, Pammie, Nicolle, Darren, Kevin and me. And of course, my older brother: I'm glad he came =). So we started off pigging on stacey's carbonara and nicolle's prawn-samosa-things and just sitting around talking.

After dinner, the fun came: Twister. Ah yes, a classic game. We started off with a game of about 5 of us; though I died first because I wasn't able to stretch my leg to the other end of the mat while my hands were twisted and there were 4 others on the mat. Ouch. Neil won that round. Then, the other 6 of them played the next round. After that, we had a one on one rounds, playing girls versus boys. Stacey is our hero, doing splits to win. Ha. Poor Darren was seriously overstretched by the end of it. x)

I'm evil, I was the one giving call for most of the guys and nearly killing them. I'm sorry. =P

For a while after that, we were just hanging around the room and doing our own stuff, after the tiring twister matches. Andrew was teaching Dickson how to play a piano piece! That was funny. Go dickson! There was one point where Sue and I were playing a duet, but Dickson helped to do the first few bars because I couldn't seem to get my finger to land on only the black keys properly; there were a few times my finger missed the key by about 0.05 cm. Lol.

Our last activity for the day was a drinking game, Devil's Deck, with sprite and water xD. That was really fun, we came up with a few crazy rules that drove us insane.

"You can't say the word 'drink',"

"You have to touch your nose first before you speak"

"Everything you say must be a question"

"You cannot have eye-contact with the person you are talking to, but you must look at someone else"

Omg. We all died with those, especially Andrew, Sue and Neil. Sue kept on getting bullied at some point. Poor thing. But it was fun, really fun. We were all laughing by the end of the night.

And I managed to take pictures with people! Except darren, but that's because he ran off before I could get one with him. Oh well, New Year's Eve! Anyway, all in all, it was a night of fun, drinking, laughing, playing the piano, awkward positions and straining our limbs. Hee.

The more time I spend, and the more fun I have with this group of beautiful people I am blessed to be friends with, the more I think of how much I'm going to miss them when they go. Sadly, because I'm going to Japan, I won't get to see Sue off. All the best to her, and I'll see her when I get there next Feb.

I'm going next Feb...