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Wednesday, December 26, 2007 6:59 PM

On my way home from RTC, a middle-aged couple stopped me on the streets and asked me for directions. Maybe I should've told them that Justin Timberlake had deafened me this morning.

Honestly, this is how my ears picked up the man's question.

"Excuse me, do you know where is the petrol pump and communion stall?"

I stared blankly at them, thinking in my head: Petrol pump? What in the world is a communion stall?

I guessed that they meant petrol station, so I pointed them in one direction, back towards my house where the SPC stood. Then I reconsidered, telling them it was quite a walk, and point in the other direction to the ESSO station near SJI, only to remember that they'd have to cross the road and if they forget to head towards the expressways, they're going to get lost.

Obviously, the man thought I was hopeless and went off in the direction of my house, stopping by the bus stop along the way to ask another man for directions. The man still pointed in the same direction towards the SPC station. See, I wasn't lying.

Then I had to walk real slowly, at the same time awkwardly thanks to my nails which have just been painted with glossy pink nail polish (the therapist chose the colour, I just said I needed a pink that was not too outstanding), behind the couple to avoid getting spotted.

It only occured to me later on that the man actually said convenience store rather than communion stall. Oops.

1:06 AM

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-ting-a-ling too...
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you...

Merry Christmas to Everybody. Thanks for all the great times, smiles, laughter and joy we shared; Family, Friends, and loved ones =)

Christmas was super rushed this year, blame the japan trip and the late return date of 22nd December 2007, or if you want the inside story, then it would be Kor's late return from Melbourne after his finals, giving the Lim family approximately less than 48 hours to face the last-minute-shopping rush and buy gifts

My goodness. That was a mouthfull.

As usual, we did not make it to church this Christmas morning. We could have, but we didn't in the end. The reason? That's personal, so my lips are sealed (or in this case, my fingers are frozen. Ok, how much lame sense did that make?)

As one gets older, one also encounters less fascinating present-opening sessions. This is due to the fact that people probably give you the money to buy your own present so that they won't have to wreck their brains figuring out what would be nice for you. Nevertheless, I love my presents.

I might as well count the Japan trip as a christmas present in itself. The trip itself cost a bomb, imagine throwing in the extra shopping and food. Thank you mummy and daddy!

A set of Christian Books for Girls from Grandpa Harry and Grandma Betty.
Melody Carlson is excellent. Highly recommended. Ask Vanessa Quek, I know she can be really nutty sometimes, but she does read good books for girls. Hey, I still love you, VQ xD

A pair of army bermudas from Grandpa David and Grandma Monica.
The truth: They're GUY pants. 77th street apparently feels that military prints belong to the male species, but the girl who helped me told me that there are girls who buy the pants and most walk out happy with the smallest size. The super skinny girls probably require a belt because while the pants itself was baggy, it sat perfectly somewhere around my hip. To quote Jie Jie Steph, "Guys are getting thinner,"

A wooden funky-design letter "V" with a picture of me from Godpa Peter and Godma Esther.
Hijacked directly from facebook. I'm talking about the picture. It's such a lovely "V"; I shall go uncover a way to stick it into the wall somehow

A green baby-doll blouse from Rachel. HongBao from Godpa Patrick and Godma Angie
Omg, rachie, I love you loads. Thank you for the pretty shirt. And I think your love for green items is starting to rub off on me - I'm starting to like green clothing. Somehow I look good in them. Oh and red clothing too. Maybe I should dress up like a christmas tree x). I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get you anything =(

A 'Classical Music' DVD from Ms Ong.
I laughed when I unwrapped the gift. I see Ms Ong is trying to inject a little more artistic culture into my overly-dosed-pop-culture life xD

"Quotionaries" Book from The Chee Family.
Oh gosh. The chees got their aunt's present mixed up with mine. I looked at the book and was like 'whoa', it was so thick! And loads of quotes. Man, this would come in handy for essay writing next year =D

A black shiny woven tote bag and an optical mouse from Godpa Anthony and Godma Anita.
What caught my attention wasn't really the bag, more the mouse 0.0. It's such a pretty mouse! It has little jewel sequins on it, and two tulips drawn in white. The stick-figure-5-year-old-drew-it sort. Yay! I have a new mouse!

The Nintendo Wii and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from Mummy and Daddy
The Wii is a collective gift for me and my siblings. The Legend Of Zelda was a last-minute present. We were supposed to be shopping for Nicholas' present from my mummy and daddy, but the indecisive boy did not know what to buy because he wasn't sure what console he wanted to get. *whack*. The Wii is seriously addictive. I mean, if you could just hear the retarted monkey chirps my sister is making, and the terminator-style low-pitched voice of my older brother going "OOOOUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT", I'm guessing they're playing Wii tennis at this point, you'd run down in curiosity to inquire how'd a primeape got into the house. Oh, and Vannie owned us at bowling last night. Shame on us.

Thank you God for giving us a great 2007. Happy Birthday to You, Father.