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Saturday, January 05, 2008 10:29 AM

All the best to you, Kevin. Study hard in UK! Hopefully the group of us can get together when we're all back in Singapore =)

So you ask, how's work?

I answer, I've only learnt to do two secretarial things in the office, of which one has consumed all my hours so far. Stupid billing. I printed so many pages, I could have issued a fake harry potter book.

But hey, it's a start to working in a law firm. I'm so tempted now to scout for a secretarial job at a fashion magazine, and see whether I get to experience the Singapore epic of "Devil Wears Prada".

Oh, and I screwed up some of the printing on my first day, and only realised it yesterday. Oops. Thankfully, i've only been there for two days. Mistakes should be forgive-able.

Anyway, after work yesterday, pammie, cui and I met up to see Kevin off. Haha. Kevin is so stone. He mentioned how it hasn't hit him yet that he's going away for quite some time. His swimming friend mentioned that Kevin said he might cry today. Cry, Kevin, cry x)

And I felt so emo after that.

Because I'll be doing the same thing in another 35 days (yes, cui counted.)