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Saturday, January 19, 2008 1:59 AM

Oh dear. I haven't blogged for a long time.

Hmm. Nothing much interesting going on now. I'm working as a temp assistant in dear mummy and daddy's office, literally just doing administrative work. Unfortunately, working hours are long, and it's starting to tax my brother and me. There are those days when I'm literally sleep-working, thankfully I chose to just do house-keeping on those days.

So apart from work, I've just been working on my dance - I am in love with O School Hip Hop =D. I can feel myself improving each work. And of course, it's the best stress-reliever from work.

Marcus is a funny kid. Last saturday, I went for dance dressed in real baggy wear - Guys Army pants, big black t-shirt, ponytail and army cap. I spotted him at Raffles City when I was having a drink with stacey after class; he stared for at least 30 seconds before he realised it was me. Ha! The next day he was like, "wah, yesterday, you dressed so cool, huh?"

Nah, not cool, more of comfortable xP.

And of course, the mugger side of me has been working on literature and mathematics. Don't kill me >.<

I'm so glad the weekend's here.