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Saturday, January 26, 2008 12:13 AM

My Mother says I like to visual eat.

Can't deny that. I have a fetish for watching Nigella and Gordon Ramsay, as well as reading food blogs every day. I don't have to eat, I simply have to look and admire the beauty and yummy-looking-ness (if there ever were such a term) and be completely satisfied.

But this birthday cake thing is getting a little overboard. Birthdays are lovely; too much cake causes diabetes.

On the first birthday, we had a chocolate cake; on the second birthday, we had a yellow sponge cake topped with fruits and cream; on the third birthday, we had a chocolate and yellow sponge layered cake...

...Uh, connection? Say it with me, originality - But then again, who can resist cake?

Tonight was the first tea trolley for the Corporate Department, which equals to FREE FOOD, kindly sponsored by the ppl with the bigger wallets. They can really do a feast sometimes. Mmm... Mee Goreng...

And tonight was also the first Bingo Night of the year. I'm no Bingo person; with my plate of food, I ran away with my colleague back down to our office level to munch on our freebie dinner. I'm amazed at how much some of the girls love it, and how much the partner's voice really sounded like a ring man trying to rope people to go see his wacky carnival 0.0 It was very amusing and loads of fun.

Step right up! Come and see the greatest show on Earth!. And then suddenly, creepy clowns laughing like maniacs pops into mind. They grin evily, and suck the laughter out of you!

Oh dear... I think I've been watching too much of The Batman and Ben 10.

Did I mention that yesterday, I felt like the oldest person at school amongst all the girls who were the same age as me? It's amazing what a white collared shirt and black Dorothy Perkins Pants can do to a person.

Maybe I should have tricked people into thinking I worked for a fancy restaurant.