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Saturday, February 02, 2008 11:07 AM

And this is me when my hair was it's natural raven-black colour -and wen hao, after we had lunch, if you're wondering 'whozzat??'


And the next few shots are me with the hair. Already, to this day, 10 people have seen my new hair colour, of which I think 4 of them were probably half asleep in the dimly lit room so I'm guessing any processing of colours in their brains probably stumped.

I just realised that all these shots were taken indoors, so the colouring and highlights may not be that obvious. Forgive me. I will remember to stand out in the blazing sun one day =X

Again, I love VQ. She's just loads of fun, laughter, girly chatter, gossip, and fun to bully x). Ha! So we had our usual swensen's ice cream dessert - in celebration of our excellent results that our dear Lord God has blessed us with. Especially VQ, she did very well =D. So we had our good share of sweets, and shared different stories we heard that cracked us up, and talked about school, teachers, strange characters, flirts and desperates, etc. It was awesome to catch up with her.

I must say, my aim with cameras is really good x); Most of the time, I can get the subjects in the steady shot (a.k.a not shaky). Yesterday, I went for brunch with jedi master, Matthew Yen. We went to Rocky Masters outside PS, which was not too bad. I had this chicken and mushroom pie, which was a little peculiar - The inside of the pie was really was almost like a soup with pastry on top 0.0. No matter, it still tasted quite nice, and anyway, by that time, I was pretty hungry. Matt rocks, he's so easygoing and fun to talk to; we could talk about almost anything. Some of our conversation topics included strange interview questions, O Level Geography Paper, BGR, misunderstanding of kids regarding relationships, church politics, people with fake personalities, funky clothes, height, university, studying overseas, make-up, hairstyles, enlisting in NS... and the list goes on.

After sitting and talking for about 2 hours, we finally decided to get up and walk around. I dragged him to the Scrapbooking Shop in PS, which did him a favour, because now he has a possible place to find gifts for his girlfriend. See, I'm a good padawan right? xP. We did a little more research for his gift later on, stopping by a shop or two and just looking around.

Honestly, the scrapbooking store, though a little expensive, is a really funky place - I recommed that place if you're ever looking for a gift idea. =)

After I abandoned Matthew at Coffee Bean, I met up with Ru Ying and Wai Jean - KINOpeeps. Cool name right? Ha! We call ourselves that because every time we go out, we always end up at one of our favourite places in Orchard - Kinokuniya.

So we bought some snacks prior to that, since we were supposed to have a late lunch, but had eaten already. Gillian and Zhen Li were right - ToriQ is niceee stuff. Recommended =D Then we went up to Kino to browse around.

Sadly, Ru Ying and I couldn't find anything, and while we were busy chatting away, Wai Jean quietly and sneakily picked up 3 mangas. LOL! So in the end, Wai Jean did all the shopping. I seriously have too much time sometimes, while waiting for wai jean to pay, Ru Ying and I were looking at some of the new bestsellers which included Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Atonement. I have another fetish for doing random research on wikipedia, so I was rather capable of telling Ru Ying the main storyline and ending of Sweeney Todd and the main storyline and complication of Atonement. Oh man 0.0

After that, I rushed down to NJC to accompany pammie to her school's Talentime 2008. Stacey was there too =D. Pamm said we actually weren't allowed to bring in food and drinks, and we were all holding bubble tea in our hands, so stacey tried to hid it in her jacket and I held mine at knee level between stacey and me as we walked. Suddenly the prefect at the front door went, "Hey... hey... hey! Excuse me!".

And I was like, "Damn! Caught..."

"Your tickets, please?" said the prefect.

"Wah???" I said, with a blank, confused look. Stacey burst out laughing, and in the end so did I. Pammie ran over to let the girl tear our tickets. DOTS. That was funny.

It was quite a nice performance night - Some of the students there are very musical and talented, especially the girl who did Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You", her playing was precise and she was right on tune 0.0 *applause*. The boy who pulled a Frank Sinatra and sang 'Fly me to the Moon' was so cute and adorkable xD.

Sadly, I forgot to take photos. Oops. I saw Shandy there - Aw, I miss shandy. We weren't in the same class, but she used to sit behind me in History and she's super funny. Haha. Congrats for getting straight A's, smart girl!

Pammie's parents took us to Mac's after the talentime finished for supper for fries and curly fries x) Thanks Pammie for invinting me!