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Tuesday, February 05, 2008 1:54 AM


Doesn't it remind you of a scene in winter? No chance. This was taken in Singapore. But I was quite fascinated by the fact the tree was so bare, and to match it, the weather today was a little gloomy, with cool breezes, slightly darker skies, and a bit of drizzle every now and then.

I kind of thought it was beautiful. A unique beautiful. It's the simple things such as this that make life interesting and beautiful, and we just miss it. Obviously, when the tree has greened and grown more leaves, it will look even more beautiful.


This is a place I'll never forget. It's easy to pick out because of the fact that the black gates are almost always open, almost welcoming. This is Mrs Towey's house; she was the miracle worker who pulled my english from a D7 in mid-years to an A1 in O's. Thank You Mrs Towey.

So I stopped by her house today and had a nice long chat with her.

Ok sadly, I forgot to ask her to take a picture with me, but doesn't matter, I can always visit her again when I'm back for breaks

So today, after my long chat with Mrs Towey, I went to crash ACS International. I envy the students there, they all walking around with hairstyles that would NEVER be accepted by mainstream MOE schools in Singapore. And I walked in, a total stranger, and NOBODY chased me out. I must have walked past 3 teachers and a librarian - NOBODY chased me out. Amazing.

So I walked around the canteen, me being the only person wearing black and purple in a complete sea of blue and white. It was not difficult to ignore the looks and stares every single student there was giving me - I mean, there were too many, I just ignored it after a while. So Chris and Sharon showed me around. That was fun. Haha.

I must say, ACS International has come a long way - The school campus is pleasant, with quite a lot of empty space, though they do have some makeshift areas that they should build up properly. Nice place, nevertheless. =)

Sharon attempting to cam-whore. Ha x)

Me giving the 'natural' sweet smile. - Oh yeah, Valerie Lim, flatter yourself.

I just had to take a picture of sharon's stuff cause they were so cute! Lol.

This is Elkie, a girl I know from O School. I love her; she's so friendly, she's everyone's friend. Everyone seems to know her. And well, she's one of the only few people I can talk to there, since I haven't actually attempted to make friends there, and of course I've been going for some dance classes by myself. Ah well.

So today I went for my final hip hop class before I depart for Melbourne. Man, I am going to miss the place and the hip hop dance there. I remember trying out my very first saturday class, and immediately fell in love with it. I'm definitely going back there during my breaks. Must.

Love O School. I must remember to get my brother to buy the shirts for me.