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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 7:29 AM

Melbourne is such a beautiful city.

Melbourne University itself has an increasing population of Asian Students - It almost doesn't feel like I left home.

...Except for all the lovely people I left behind. Photos aren't uploaded yet. Thank you to those who sent me off, and thank you to those who wished me well. It made the travelling a bit easier.

The temperature here so far has been lovely. Windy yet sunny - Such a comfortable weather to walk in. And speaking of which, there is a lot of walking to do. Despite the fact that I feel like we've eaten a lot for lunch and all, before dinner I'm already starting to feel restless and can hear my stomach growl.

Yesterday in particular burned all the food I consumed, as Kor showed me around the campus, just to get an idea and feel of the place.

And yesterday, I moved into my new room for the next year - It's a nice room, rather spacious, with a single bed, cupboard with mirror sliding doors, study table, side table and shelf... and what's best - My room had a fan! So I have to always remember to keep my room locked for the first few weeks; I don't know which crazy kiasu parent would come and steal it for their kids.

Friends? Well I've met a few people, in church and in my housing. Hopefully, orientation will be a good stepping stone here.

Oh church. I attended planetshakers. It's a really wonderful place, trust me. I love it there. The praise was crazy, the worship was wonderful, the sermon was so powerful - I was quite touched.

Hopefully I can keep my promise to God