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Thursday, February 14, 2008 9:19 PM

Palmerston internet is evil, so I guess no photos till I go back to Singapore. =(

Anyway, today was the first day of school. It was a little boring, because it's not like a JC orientation where you play games nonstop - Nope. It's more of introductions and admin stuff. But on the bright side, I got to make some new friends =)

So in the morning I had breakfast with my housemates: Tiffany, Yi Ren, Deva & Joy. The breakfast was... decent. Well, the soft-boiled eggs were more like HARD-boiled eggs. Bleaghz. Oh well, thankfully I love eggs, so it was all right. The group of us then trooped off to school.

Registration was quite chaotic... and it started to rain. Oh boy. There was one point where I was seriously lost. I asked a lady which line should I join (they group us by surnames and whether you have this purple form), and she pointed me to a queue in the front.

So I stood there for about 7 minutes before I decided to double-check if I was in the correct queue. So I asked another lady who walked by; she pointed me all the way to the back of the last queue. -_-. I did the smart thing by telling her that I was told to stand where I was initially, so she told me to just stay there then. As a result, I was one of the first few to collect the orientation package, and not have to wait for so long ^.^

And then I met Gwendolyn (or actually Joey, but she wants me to call her by her middle name). She was queuing in front of me, and suddenly turned around to say hi and introduce herself. I was a little shocked at first, I didn't think people would be this friendly. BIG coincidence - She is my smss classmate's best friend.

It's a small world after all...
It's a small world after all...
It's a small world after all...
It's a small, small world...

So after taking a photograph for student card, dealing with some admin stuff, collection my orientation bag, I stood a little awkwardly in the crowd of students. And that's how I met Chermaine. She and I were both two girls who were by themselves, standing and feeling a little awkward. So we smiled at each other and said hi. Chermaine became my buddy for the first half of the day; since we knew nobody else except each other, we paired up and walked together during the tour around campus, chatting and getting to know each other along the way.

After that, we were directed to the dining hall for the welcome speech. Chermaine and I then had to split up because we could only find single seats free along the aisle when we were ushered to the front. So I sat down and introduced myself to Tiffany. Ooh. 3 friends in a matter of 3 plus hours. Not bad. And coincidence, Gwendolyn was sitting right next to her! So the three of us chatted about random stuff.

One of the alumni came to sit behind us and started chatting with us, so I was introduced to Kiki (I think that's how you spell her name), who answered some of our questions about Trinity and gave us a little insight to Trinity/University Lifestyle. So then I met a guy named Kenneth, who finished JC before coming to Trinity.

So the four of us got along nicely (Gwendolyn, Tiffany, Chermaine and me) and hung out together in the lecture theatre during waiting time, as well as during lunch. I like these girls. It's sad that they're not in the same housing or the same orientation group, and might not even be same class as me. Ah well. Hopefully we can still be friends.

So after lunch, the group of us headed to the Redmond Barry building for the English test, but as we were super early, we just sat down on the grass outside and talked. Gwendolyn rolled over a flower x). We thought she killed it but she quickly straightened the stem and it stood up straight again -_-''. Haha.

The English test was quite ok. Yeah. Anyway other people I met: Shu Zhi, Jessie (i think), Andrew, Crystal (I think), Marie, Elisa.

Oh and after dinner, Joy and I attempted to teach Deva how to play Big2, laughing and cracking random jokes during the game. Joy rocks - She is super funny and wild. Anyway, after a few rounds, we decided to gamble with M&Ms; the ultimate loser had to eat all the sweets that were gambled. I hate Joy... she won almost every round -_-'' Haha. Oh well, I won one round. In the end, poor Deva had to eat all the M&Ms

Well, more intro lectures tomorrow. G'night!