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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 8:42 AM

It's raining.

And today, I'm skipping my morning talk. If you are in mid-shock after reading this, because I have probably never skipped a single thing in my life, being the guai-kia that I am, allow me to explain:

Firstly, the talk is on how to access Trinity Portal and check email and homework and events and updates - All of which I, and probably many others, have single-handedly accessed and figured out from our very own laptops.

Secondly, because Jonathan gave me the most awesome warning by saying that I'll die twice from pure boredom.

Thirdly, my two palmerston mates, Melissa and YiLin, both of whom were supposed to go, have decided to go back to sleep ^.^

Forthly, it's raining.

There you go, four good reasons.

The past few days at Palmerston have been nice. My housemates are awesome - I've been hanging out with Yi Ren mostly because we usually end up having to attend the same course or lecture. Last night I got a chance to chat a bit with Joy, Deva & Tiffany. Literally, I couldn't sleep, so I went down to get some milk to drink and found them there. I love Joy - She's insanely funny. Slowly, I'm getting to know more people, not say very well, but at the very least, I know their name, age and country x)

I miss my dear girlfriends and guyfriends back home. I hope all is well back in Singapore for my dear WISHES, my SMSS mates, and the three wacky fellows who always seem to be around. Haha. And of course, my lovable cousin Taz. =)

p.s - As much as I would love to show people photos, darn housing has restricted uploads so it looks like no photos till I head back to Singapore... How great is that?