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Thursday, February 21, 2008 11:53 PM

Orientation has been rather slack. It's not like JC Orientation where you get to really meet people and play games and all - Nope. Here we attend introductory lectures, go for short learning excursions and you're on your own when it comes to making friends. Thankfully the people here are friendly.

So I've been hanging out with Yi Lin and Melissa the past few days, since the three of us are in the same group. Today we went out for an excursion to the art museum, where we were made to lug around metal chairs 0.0. They came in handy, I suppose - Every now and then, the tour guide stopped to give us a short explaination about the art, so we had places to sit. Haha.

There was one picture that really touched me - An image of black, hungry ravens surrounding a mother ewe, who is protecting the body of her wounded/dead kid - It just reminded me of the persecution of Christ.

After the museum tour, we sat at the park at Lincoln Square together with the twins Rena & Resa, and some of their other friends Bell, Alastair and PeiQi. Bell is a thai girl, and she's really funky. The two twins are cool - they seriously do not look alike! If you're lucky, you can tell they're related somehow, but you'd never guess that their twins.

Later, Melissa, Yi Lin and I were bored waiting for TCOLE to start, so we walked around and ended up in 7-eleven, where dear Melissa succuumbed to the temptations of Kinder Bueno. HA! The girl loves chocolate.

Then while we were walking back, we bumped into Xian Jang and Wai Ho - two malaysian guys who were in the same group as us. The two blur dudes got the time wrong and were rushing for TCOLE at 2pm when it was only going to start at 2.30pm! Ha. It was quite a funny sight.

So the five of us headed to the Trinity College branch at Lincoln Square North where we sat around a table and played random games like "Fuzzy, Wuzzy". Yi Lin and I rock! We kept messing up everyone's heads with our secrets behind the games. Melissa's reaction was super funny.

After TCOLE, we headed back to palmerston, where I freshened up and changed before I headed downstairs to read; It's much cooler downstairs than it was in my room. After a while, Joy came back so we chatted a bit before dinner.

Wynn made us No-bake Oreo Cheesecake =D. Love Wynn. Haha. I love the cookie crust most.

And just now, Joy, Deva and I died from laughter while watching My Wife is a Gangster 3.

Oh, Joy is nuts. She's thinking of climbing over the wall separating the roof balconies and scaring the daylights out of people.