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Monday, February 25, 2008 9:38 AM

God is really interesting. He seems to respond to my prayers... and random complaints.

Like after I prayed during UrbanLife for God to make my heart fertile, the next day, the Lord put a challenge in front of me. I bore a grudge to somebody, but the reason was based on my perception of what happened and what I felt after that. I'm glad he gave me that challenge - I no longer feel in any way negative towards the person.

Then I was thinking on how lonely I felt, sometime earlier in the week. I was sitting and stoning in my room. Then as I could not sleep, I went downstairs to drink some milk, and found my housemates chatting in the kitchen area. I got the opportunity to chat with them quite a bit before I slept.

Then last friday, I was complaining about how it sucked that we did not know as many of our housemates as we should - some other houses seemed really tight - Surprise. When we went back, I enjoyed the best friday night I ever had since I got here with quite a large group of people; half of which I only just met that day.

Then on saturday night, my mum asked a question and I did consider it. I was a little afraid I would be too forward if I attempted to get her to be a part of it. On sunday, she asked me if she could follow me to church. And praise God! She went up for prayer. After that, she has started to open up to the other housemates and I a bit more.

Things are looking good.

Oh but I'm still bugged by the earlier issue. I haven't crossed paths since that incident. And one more person seems to think so too.