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-Isaiah 40:31

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 10:01 AM

Whee! I can get photos up now. So time for a PHOTOREEL:

Here's one view of Trinity College and our 2008 batch.

Oh man. SUE! You're too tall! >.<

OG18. Eeep, this photo is super small. I'll show a bigger one next time. Sad that I don't really know all my group members well. Yi Lin and I killed Melissa, Xian Chang and Wai Ho with 'Fuzzy Wuzzy' x)

Isn't it gorgeous? This is only a part of a whole stained-glass ceiling.

Joanna, Gwen and me. Sorry, Gwen, I had no choice but to show the unglam shot of you =X

Magic man Roy! This guy rocks. He was freakin me and Gwen out with loads of magic tricks.

My two 'Da Jies', Debs and Shiyou. Love 'em loads. They're always taking care of me. Thanks for gelato the other night!

And my church buddy, the lame man himself, Jonathan Tan. Honestly, this guy is like a melbourne equivalent to Andrew Seow (I still miss Andrew's cockiness and lameness).