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Friday, February 29, 2008 7:43 AM

Palmerston now has a weekly movie night!

Well, not officially, but we're definitely starting something like this. Wednesday night, after eating a gorgeous dinner at Sharon's house, Jon, Lydia, Elisa and I stopped by a DVD rental shop and browsed a bit. Sad to say, none of us had enough money to sign up for a membership, we went back empty-handed.

But hey, that didn't stop us from catching a flick; One of the palmerston students left behind a Mean Girls DVD. So that's what we screened. Stupid movie died towards the end because it was quite badly scratched, but we still had loads of fun and laughter.

Then last night, we screened our 2nd movie, and this time the guys came prepared with pizza, ice cream, chocolates, chips etc. I luckily held my ground and only took one chocolate and a few chips x)

We were supposed screen Stardust, but the DVD was in a pretty bad state too, and died halfway through the movie - So we ended up in another block watching Underworld Evolution, which was actually quite cool. I mostly enjoyed the action, because I didn't watch the first movie, so the plot was difficult to keep up with.

Oh, and Joy, Lydia and I have proven the "MCP factor" in our dear guy friends... by standing throughout the whole movie while some were relaxed on the sofas. HA! I lasted the whole movie x)

So school starts today, and unfortunately, my day is quite packed >.< Bleaghz.

p.s - Pammie knows about the problem =X