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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Sunday, March 16, 2008 8:36 AM

I woke up yesterday morning hating almost everything in my present world. My head hurt, my neck ached, I stank real bad, my stomach was empty and growling, my room was a mess, and I felt like sh!t inside.

Thank the Lord that I was able to bounce back from that trauma fast.

I can say that I am a bit glad that the experience happened, to give me enough scare to never do such a stupid thing again. I let myself down, I disappointed my parents, and I gave quite a few people a scare.

But thank you to all the awesome people who took care of me, apologised to me and made sure I was ok. And of course those who gave me free laundry services. And those who gave me a good pep talk and comforted me and all.

Guess you could say that both Jonathan and I got hit real bad, and we know now where our limits are, but NO WAY are we going to try to cross that again.

I'm glad that I have such a good relationship with my parents that despite this, I can still admit to them what happened. I'm glad I have Jonathan and Joy to talk to about this. I'm glad to have Deborah who is so caring and understanding in listening to my problems.

Now I just have to listen to the Lord, and live in the moment now, in the present, not that past.


Photo Reel #2

Palmerston 2008!

Happy Birthday Desmond!

Moomba 2008 with my awesome housemates- Deva, Lydia, Tiffany, me and Joy. Thanks Jon for the photo!

Meet TIFFANY, Lydia's new pet fish. Tiffany is totally freaked by Tiffany. Ha!

Lovely shot, yeah? It's quite easy to climb the wall. x)

Boys will be boys. (Joseph6, Adrian, Nikko, Joseph7, ZhenYip, CheeYuan,Daniel, ChenYi and Andrew)

You know, I love these photos, and I am smiling in them, but there's actually something really wrong with me here. But one learns from experience.