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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 2:21 PM

Two papers down, ONE to go!

Damn the fact that physics always seems to be the last paper in exam timetables -_-''.

Valerie Anne Lim will be back in Singapore on March 29 for a two-week holiday.

Honestly, I'm quite excited about going back to Singapore for holidays. I have a list of things that need to be done.

Monday night, I tried the Hip Hop Intermediate dance class at Melbourne Music Academy for the very first time. And I didn't die. Lol! I actually managed to catch up and do the steps; my fumble came at the transition where the steps went from following the beat to following the lyrics. Oops. The dance instructor Teresa is super cool and super nice. =D.

Oh and guess who I saw there? JD from So You Think You Can Dance (Australia). I literally stared in awe for a few minutes, trying to process and convince myself that the guy was indeed the dancer on TV.

So here's my list of things to do so far:

1. Island Creamery with Tessa
2. Sushi Date with Sharon
3. Meet up with WISHES
4. Monday - Cuitian
5. Deliver Krispy Kremes to people
6. Go shopping
7. Read Fahrenheit 451
8. Eat Balesteir Tau Sar Piah
9. Eat bahru Onde Onde (Amoy Street Food Centre)
10. Attend O School – Monday: Hip Hop I and Hip Hop II, Wednesday – Hip Hop I, Saturday -Hip Hop I and Hip Hop II.
11. Bring back chilli (belachan/sambal)
12. Visit Godpa Anthony & Godma Anita
13. Attempt to learn how to cook a few dishes =X
14. Train up my arm muscle
15. MANGA! xD