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Tuesday, April 01, 2008 1:18 PM

I'm back in Singapore! Surprisingly, I haven't suffered any heatstroke yet. I think the problem is the temperature, but rather, the HUMIDITY. Oh mans, I could feel myself pespiring the other day. How I miss not pespiring in Melbourne no matter how far I walked.

So the foods I have managed to chomp down in the span of two days:
1) Hainanese Chicken Rice (Chin Chin's @ Purvis Street)
2) Beef Rendang and Asam Fish Curry (Homemade by Grandma Monica =D. Thanks Grandma!)
3) Black Carrot Cake (Adam Road Food Centre)
4) Haw Flakes (Dad bought some from Umeyo)

Cui and I got together for lunch yesterday. The poor girl could barely talk as a result of losing her voice during orientation camp at her polytechnic. I'm glad to hear she's having a lot of fun =D. So we chatted and caught up over lunch, and had a good best friend heart-to-heart talk.

It's true what she says that because we (WISHES plus them three guys D.A.Y. LOL) are moving onto a new phase in our lives, we want to spend as much time there, and probably spend less time with each other. We all want to make new friends and have new experiences in new environments. Of course, when we get together, we may not have as much in common, and thus less to talk about, but hey, we still enjoy each other's company. We survived the secondary school stage, I'm pretty confident we can still go strong even after JC. Even with Suewei overseas, we still love her and miss her loads. I'm not letting go of this friendship I hold, that's for sure =D.

I went back to O School yesterday; Man, I really miss the place. Back in Melbourne, I told my housemates that I was going to go for dance 5 lessons a week - Last night I had my first two lessons of the week: Hip Hop II by Daniel and Hip Hop I by Xue Hui.

Hip Hop II Class (Daniel): Where you at - Joe feat. Papoose

Can you spot me?

I was actually quite decent here considering the fact that this is my first time trying an O School Level 2 class, and it kind of shows that I have improved, which I'm really glad about. I just got to work on sharpness, strength and freestyling now. I love the choreography =D.

Xue Hui's class was quite scary - It was so crowded! I've honestly never seen so many people in Hip Hop I class before, but it is a good thing, shows that XueHui's class is getting more and more popular. The thing I love about XueHui's choreo is that she likes to adopt the style of "Angry Hip Hop", so a lot of attitude has to be shown when dancing, which helps with styling too.

And I saw Elfie! Haha. I was afraid that she wouldn't remember me, but she came up to me first and said, "Hey, you're back!". And she said I lost weight 0.0. Ok, not that I mean to gloat to my dear girlfriend back in Melbourne, but seriously, a lot of people have been saying that I look like I lost weight. NOT TRUE. I think I may have grown slightly taller, but i'm definitely still the same weight.