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Monday, April 21, 2008 12:35 AM

"If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
-John 15:7

Such a powerful promise from God, told by Pastor Rob Bradbury today. I'm so glad to be back in Church; the presence of God was just all over despite the change in venue. Everyone's spirit was high, deep in praise and worship for the Lord Jesus. We had salvation today! God bless all those people who have come to the Lord =D.

First week back in Trinity has gone by rather quickly. Getting back results, plus getting started on new material. I did well. I'm happy with my results =) Hopefully I can keep it up for the rest of the year. Other than school, nothing much has gone on this past week.

On thurs, I walked with Henry and ChenYi to Swanston for Physics Lecture; talked with Henry most of the way. He's a real nice chat buddy. Haha. When we reached the Lecture Theatre, Chen Yi and I kept teasing Henry and saying that he'd better pray hard for a "good" seat this first lesson. For the three weeks of term 1, Henry, for some odd reason, kept on getting a seat with either a screwed-up table or no table at all. Ha! Tough luck xD.

Friday night, Jonathan, Joy, Deva and I sat in Block 5 feeling bored... so we decided to get out of the house and do something. As a result, a whole group of palmies (add on Vanessa, Block 6, 112 and 2/3 of 108) went to Crown to watch Vantage Point.

The concept for the movie is EXCELLENT. The production team was super clever with how they told the story from different viewpoints of various characters involved in the plot, all beginning from the same point and ending with the same conclusion. Again, Forest Whitaker is genius. Dennis Quaid too. Matthew Fox is hot... too bad he had to be the bad guy -_-''.
On Saturday, I headed down to College Square Lygon to go for PlanetUni Dance Auditions. Honestly, it did not start well. I got stumped at CS when the receptionist could not show me where the multi-purpose hall was because I wasn't a resident... and I did not know who to look for to let me in! I nearly panicked. God bless Wei Ying who helped me get the number of the girl in charge.

So what happened was that I dialled the girl's number...


"Hi.... Are you the girl in the red sweater outside?"

I turned around, surprised, to see a girl, holding her phone at her ear, waving at me. I must've smiled really sheepishly.

Auditions went well. The routine was a little tricky because it went by lyrics, but of course, practice makes perfect and I could perform it well after that. Adelene, Hannah and PJ are really awesome dancers 0.0. I can't wait to learn more from them.

In the afternoon, Joy and I got bored and decided to go out shopping together. We walked around Swanston and Bourke, where I bought a dress and a knitted pull-over, costing me $25 all together. People, take note, 7 Angels is a good place to go bargain shopping for simple and some retro stuff. Everything was seriously at half-price and super affordable.

Oh, along the way, we saw a Street Dance Crew breaking along Swanston; they were really good. One guy pulled off a hand-spin, completely 3 rounds total. Ouch. We also saw this spray-paint artist who created real beautiful black and white artwork.

We then went for dinner at Dessert House Eatery, followed by ice cream at Freddo's. My gosh, dear Joyner is going to get me fat. >.<

Today was such a lazy day for Block 5. We didn't plan breakfast and lunch, so I ended up eating cereal for breakfast, and four peanut-butter biscuit sandwiches for "lunch". I was super hungry by the time dinner came round, and also finished a whole bowl of Spicy Beef Ban Mian. Thanks Tung for the recommendation!

I met up with Debs before Church for some catching-up over Coffee. Mmm, Vanilla Latte... It was awesome to see her again and get to chat with her. =D

Oh, and at Church today, I recognised one of the planetshakers volunteers who was promoting 'Beautiful Woman'; she looked super familiar.

"Hi, could I hand in my registration form to you now?"

"Um, yeah, what you can do is later...."

"Ah ok, thanks. Um, Can I ask you... Is your name Naomi?"

"Well yeeeahhh. How'd you know?"

"Oh, I attended one of your beginner Hip Hop classes at MMA a while back?"

"Really? Oh wow, that is so cool! Nice to meet you?"


"Valerie. Awesome. Haha."

Followed by a short conversation about MMA and dance classes. I'll be going for her class this thursday. So cool! Now I have a "connection" to one of the MMA Dance Teachers. Heh.