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Friday, June 27, 2008 8:47 PM

Exams are finally over. Thank goodness. I was about to go crazy yesterday from overstudying because all the information was about to cause my brain to explode.

I have been studying in Starbucks for the past week, drinking a different coffee everyday. Monday was hazelnut latte with extra foam. Tuesday was skinny latte. Wednesday was Cappucino with one sugar. Thursday was GREEN TEA LATTE. Oh gosh, Green tea latte is seriously LOVE. On thursday itself, I spread the love to like 5 others xD. Ha.

And I officially scare people with the way I study. My friend Dave has been studying with me, jon and debs for the past few days. Here's what he said to me on tuesday:

"You... need to stop studying. I don't want to see you here tomorrow, ok?"

And what he said when he saw me the next day:

"What are you doing HERE?"

ROFLMAO. Dave is super funny.

Oh, and on thursday, the physics people were seriously going crazy. Even I went a bit mad, and for me to go mad is seriously something. Ha. It was quite funny; We came up with new laws in lieu of the loss of our sanity.

The Laws of Physics & Other things (As told by Abigail and Henry)
Law #1: Smile + Frown = Some freaky face where the mouth is crooked.
Law #2: Happy Smiley + Sad Smiley = Lots of tears because of physics
Law #3: P + H + Y + S + I + C + S = DIEEEEE.

And as much as I appreciate all the encouragement and love from my friends and dear housemates, they really put a lot of pressure on me ^_^''

Dandan: "So can get full marks right? 100 ah? Ok ok, I give chance... 98!"

Zomg. Ok honestly though, the papers this term were relatively easy. Nothing was difficult, everything could be done; the main worry was probably committing careless mistakes. Oh well. Thank the Lord it is all over.

Time to pack for my flight back tomorrow.