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Thursday, September 18, 2008 9:11 AM

He brought me to the banquet hall
and he looked on me with love
- Songs of Songs 2:4

And after a stressful period, the Lord pulled me out of the valley of shadow because He loves me - I had such a good day yesterday.

To begin with, math exam wasn't difficult. It was pretty do-able as long as you did the work to prepare for it. Though I wish they had given us reading time. Nonetheless, I was able to finish it and was quite satisfied with it.

Then I had nasi lemak from Nasi Lemak House for lunch! Not the best nasi lemak in the world, but probably the best you can get in melbourne - I just wanted the chilli; their chilli is super hot and spicy and yummy.

Later I spent the entire afternoon at Borders on Lygon studying physics, which was quite productive. Thank you Jesus. Tutored Abigail briefly before she started doing work too. I managed to finish three past year papers, all within time so that's good.

Oh but Coulomb's law is.... annoying -_-''. I kept making careless mistakes in formulas or in the numeral values used. Argh.

Ended the day with dance rehearsals - This was a lot better than monday. I think because I had managed to clean up and tighten the choreography a bit, that it was easier to first of all, teach those who didn't know, and secondly, clarify the steps and clean up a bit for those who had already learnt it.

At the end of it, the stomp looked really darn good. I really must thank the Lord for first of all giving me ideas for choreography and secondly, sending my mummy to knock some sense into me.

And of course, being a bunch of crazy people, dance rehearsals are never without hours of laughing and playing around like little kids xD. Hahaha.

Oh and thanks Darren for giving me and my housemates a ride back to Palmerston.

Dear Lord, I commit this day to your hands. May it be as productive and as fun as yesterday, as I know my days to come walking in the Spirit will be. Why? Because you are the loving and awesome Father, and You have great plans for me =D