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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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Friday, September 26, 2008 7:15 AM

One more day to 10Fifteen! =D. I'm super excited.

And Father Lord, I'm sorry I didn't take your Word seriously earlier. I'm sorry that I did not obey when you gave it to me straight to my face. When the time came for me to apply what I had learnt from you, I did not use it. Thank you Lord for the authorities you put me under Lord, that they are great leaders in their stride. May I not show any form of favouritism, biasness or lack of understanding towards anyone. I know that You have placed me under them for a reason, and I thank you for that.

Father Lord, may your anointing flow through all the dancers - constantly remind us that we dance not for ourselves, but for your glory. Thank you Lord for bringing us together - I pray for energy, enthusiasm, anointing, healing, confidence and unity. May we dance to shine for you Lord, to be your vessels of ministry. Amen. =)

Monday shopping went surprisingly well. Then again, Bridge Road is a discount area and I'm a bargain hunter so it was a good choice of location. I spent $50 on one black and one grey cardigan, one peach-orange spaghetti-strap, one oversized white dress-top, one black and white Esprit cap and a container of Mango Body Butter. One funny thing that happened is that Shiyou's title track, "Disturbia" by Rihanna, kept on haunting us. Seriously, that song was playing over and over again in quite a few stores that we entered. And we all started singing, "Bum, bum, bee-dum, bum bum, bee-dum-dum" and burst out laughing.


Tuesday was mainly spent spring-cleaning. I vacuumed my room and did some of my handwash laundry, before going out to meet Sarah for coffee. I love Sarah; she is super awesome =D. We had a nice long catch-up at GJ's, it was so much fun.

Inner Champ that night really taught me things - Pastor Rob talked about coming under the cover of Christ; how we must come under the cover of our authority, because if we cannot obey the leadership of man, how more can we obey the commands of God?

Pastor Russell talked about living positionally, and to walk in the truth and the spirit, instead of allowing the external circumstances and situations to overwhelm you. Do things out of love for Christ, not for the sake of it. Amen to that.

I suppose serving in the ministry, I am learning to come under the authority of my leaders; and at the same time, I am learning how to balance where I give my obedience to - I do not just respect one authority, but all the authorities placed in my life. And of course, ultimately, the greatest obedience goes to God; I will listen to Him and if he says listen to your authority, I will listen.

I realised how much I've grown and matured from coming to Melbourne. Just a random comment.

Outreach at RMIT was loads of fun. We had a shoe-print event where we tried to get passers-by to do a shoe-print in blue paint on a large white canvas so that we could use it for our event. The canvas looked so awesome by the end of day. Funny thing - My top totally matched the colour of paint; by the end of the day, you could say I was pretty much covered in paint.

Discipleship that night spoke a lot to me too - How we need a clean and pure heart in serving and reaching out to people. I get that; my ministry of reaching out has been quite low-key lately, because God has been getting me to clean out the bad stuff and learn. That I may be perfected and shaped nicely to minister to others. =D

Mummy and Daddy landed in Melbourne yesterday morning. I took them to The European for a yummy brunch, before we went shopping at Chapel Street. Sad to say, it's rather pricey. I'd choose Bridge Road any day.

Dance rehearsal at night was loads of fun, just like any other night. Although my muscles are a bit sore from the floorwork bit we did, but the routine is awesome. =D.